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Back from beyond

Big 'ol hole in my posting here-this is for a variety of reasons, but mostly because of the string of papercutting gigs I had lined up. I was even cutting in Atlantic city in the middle of the night at one point...good times all. The very last gig I had I met a master papercutter who was also there. Watching him work gave me a lot to think about...Anyway, out of the variety of designs I had the two below were by far the most requested. People just like Dragons and Pandas...hmmm...

Down to Business

So in talking with a good friend at work, I came upon the idea to create some business cards for my papercutting gigs. Now, I know this isn't a great revelation or anything, but it's a big step forward for me. I've been doing these gigs for a few years now, but never took them quite as a "business". They are something fun to do that does provide a tiny bit of money. But the money was never the motivating factor here-the challenge and push to my skills was the real benefit. (ok, the money didn't hurt...who am I kidding...)

Anyway, I think it's time to respect this whole thing a bit more. By this I mean, respecting myself as a professional and treating it as such. With that in mind, here's what I think will be the logo for the first batch of cards. I could spend the next six months designing a logo..but ahhh..nah. This will do for now.

Xi Nian Kuai Le!

Welcome Year of the Ox!

While I'd love to have a more orthodox/traditional New Year's art, I'm afraid a confluence of events has only allowed me to post a piece that to me captures the spirit of celebrating the Lunar New Year. I hope this conveys a fun family-time vibe to all of you out there. I wish everyone a happy, healthy new year. The Ox is a strong, working animal, so look forward to a year of hard, rewarding work everyone! All of you who were born in the Ox year, please take care not to burn yourselves out!

President Obama

I still can't believe we are saying those words "President Obama"...it's a new day people...
Here's my own little tribute to our newest president. Let's go people!!

Update--To clarify some confusion--this is in fact a papercutting.

Sample Product

So here's a test for a party favor. It's been a few years since I re-worked the actual 'product' I give out at the parties I work. With a bit more time this year I figured it's time for a new look. Here's one possiblity...

btw--I can see I have to figure out why red comes through all wacky when I when I save as a jpg...


Not much to say--here's a dog.


It's going to be a lot of papercutting here for the next few weeks I think as I get ready for various workshops.

I've been in the lab working on some kid friendly/easy to cut 12 animal designs. I've got a monkey face today. My chief criteria for a good design, as I've mentioned, is the speed I can cut the design. I know this sounds weird, but it's very important for me to find the intersection of quality and speed.


So my old buddy G/N has requested a Rat and here it is. He came out a bit more devious looking than I intended...heheh I gotta also send out props to our mutual old friend RK who is also Rat year. Hope you guys are doing well! G/N--if you like it, I'll send the original to you in the mail...

btw--I have a feeling I'll have some photoshop fun with this one later...

Another Ash Bin Creation

So I've got another "ash bin" which is my term for pieces I would normally discard, but for some reason I feel compelled to post to this blog as a way to fight the urge to destroy things.

Full disclaimer, this is old. From 2003. Why post this? Because looking at this is like a time capsule for me. A lot has changed in the-gulp-6 years since I drew this. A much more optimistic and naive person drew this...and yet, there is still some spark that still speaks to me (and probably ONLY to me...) I think that spark is that I still hold the desire to one day own my own business. Now that I have an MBA...maybe that's not such a pipe dream...


Well, the papercutting gigs are starting to come in, so I really gotta get my act together and get my 12 animal designs tight. Here's another, for the Rooster year. While I like this design quite a bit, it's a bit too complicated to do during a party.